Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Spin-Painting With Melanie

Last week Room 21 were so lucky to be able to have a try at spin-painting with Melanie. Melanie had made a special spin machine which throws out the paint as you spin  it. Look at the cool colours and patterns we made. We are thinking we might do something exciting with them - maybe using them as the background.

Matariki Week and Hangi

We had an amazing week with whanau groups meeting and all the school helping towards the hangi. We peeled potatoes on Thursday.
On the Friday we went and watched the hangi come out. As it was for the Year 5 / 6 children we had a shared lunch instead, which was yummy!
We tried some of the hangi food and thought the chicken and potatoes were the best!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Autumn Iceblock

Last week we made two big Autumn iceblocks from Autumn leaves and seedpods, then filled up with water and frozen in the freezer. We wanted to see how long they would take to melt. One was put in the rain and one was put out of the rain at 9 o'clock. Unfortunately there was no sun! We then decided if they would melt before lunch, or by the time school finished. They were still half way frozen at 3 o'clock! Mrs Burrough and Sam thought they would melt by Sunday! Here are the photos in a timeline and the last ones were taken on Sunday. (Yes teachers do come to school on Sundays!)

Where have the water and leaves and seedpods all gone?

Autumn, Autumn, Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful, colourful season. Room 21 has been using the wonderful Autumn colours to create amazing artwork by mixing colours, leaf rubbings, collage animal creatures using leaves and seed pods, We also wrote some Autumn leaf poems that are hanging in our room.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Long and Short Snakes!

We have been focusing on length as part of our Measurement - Maths. We talked about what was the longest snake in the world and the shortest snake in the world - (google it!). We then measured how long these snakes were. Then we used playdough to create our longest and shortest snake. We also made the longest sausage dog!

Monday, April 29, 2019

Science Lessons with Trish

Over the last two weeks of Term 1, we visited Trish in the Science Lab over four lessons. The lessons were about mixing, dissolving, (or not mixing or dissolving) different substances. We discovered what mixed well with another substance and what didn't (oil).